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Fender '65 Twin Reverb 85-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp Review

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When a guitarist is looking for something to improve his or her performance a new instrument might be the top of the list. However, oftentimes it isn’t what you’re playing, but what’s putting out your sound that might be at fault.

In such instances it never hurts to take a look around and see what your option are in the field concerning a new amplifier and how it can improve on the one you’re using and the sound it’s making. And if a musician is looking for a new amplifier then he or she could certainly do a lot worse than checking out the Fender Twin Reverb as an option for their next big purchase.

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What Will It Do For Me?

The Fender Twin Reverb is a high-quality amplifier that comes with all of the power and smooth voice that musicians have come to expect from Fender as a company. This particular model is a classic, and the basic design has been used since the 60s to provide musicians of every stripe and in nearly every venue with that beautiful, clean sound they’ve been looking for.

At 85 watts, this amplifier is capable of creating some skull rattlingly loud tones that will still ring clear and true with that real, electric guitar sound. Easily adjustable, user-friendly, and heavy enough that nothing is going to knock it over, the Twin Reverb is a model that, once you’ve added it to your set, it’s there to stay.

Of course, for the most part, musicians are glad to see it come and sad to see it go when it’s finally time.


While the list of pros that come with the Fender Twin Reverb may not be the longest one out there, it’s a solid and dependable list of qualities that no amplifier should ever be without. When it comes to professional-grade tools and the solid sound that this amp can create, there’s no reason to settle for anything else if a guitarist gets the choice.

And really, why would you want anything less than a classic that just refuses to quit? Especially a classic that’s been re-released over and over again for over 40 years? After all, if it gets to that point then Fender must be doing something right. Maybe it has to do with offering musicians great features like:

85 watts of sound: Whether you’re rocking out with a classic Led Zeppelin cover, belting out the blues or you’re getting down country style, this kind of power makes sure that everyone in the venue can hear every note no matter where you happen to be playing.

Double C-12K speakers: When you want to be sure that everyone hears the tune clean and clear, these dual 12″ speakers are just what you need to get the song across. They make the Fender Twin Reverb just that much louder, and they ensure that every note rings out smooth, without any bleed or fuzziness that could distort the song you’re playing.

Fender’s trademark sound is right there for everyone to hear: With the reverb that has made this brand infamous among both players and listeners, the Twin Reverb creates that signature sound that no other amplifier can hope to duplicate.

72 pounds and 28.2 by 22.5 by 12.2 inches: The Twin Reverb is not a stay at home amp, and its size certainly shows that wherever it goes, it’s there to play. Big without being bulky, it provides a surprising amount of sound given how big it is.


These are just the most obvious benefits that guitarists get for playing with the Fender Twin Reverb. In addition to being such a fine machine, it’s also a long-lasting brute that will see any guitarist through a fair number of shows before it even starts to complain.

Tough and truly durable, the Fender Twin Reverb is a machine that is in for the long haul. And if, as a musician, you’re looking to get a professional tool that will allow you to create the finest music possible then that’s the sort of quality you should be looking for.

When investing in your tools you need to get something that will last, in addition to something that will create a sound that will blow away your audiences.

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So What Should I Do?

Well, that depends on your needs as a musician. For instance, if you have an amplifier that isn’t loud enough to reach the back of the coffee house, much less the cheap seats of a bigger venue, or if you’re using one that tends to lose its clarity at higher volumes, then you’ve got a problem.

A problem that could be remedied by purchasing a quality piece of equipment like the Fender Twin Reverb. With the pedigree of a classic and all of the muscle of a serious working machine, the Twin Reverb does everything that a guitarist needs it to do.

From that point onward all they have to do is plug in a quality guitar and make sure that they practice enough to create a quality sound in the first place.

The Fender Twin Reverb isn’t for everyone, however. If you don’t need a machine that can play bigger venues, or you already have an amplifier that gets the job done on a day to day basis, then there’s no reason to invest in something that you don’t need as a musician.

However, if your current amp just isn’t cutting it and you need something with real power behind its mesh, then the Twin Reverb might be just what you’ve been looking for all this time. So why spend one more day dealing with low power, low volume, or a warbly output when what you need is a crystal clear sound? You don’t have to.

Instead, get a Fender Twin Reverb and see why it’s become such a classic amplifier.

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