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If you consider yourself a guitar or music nerd with valuable tips, tricks, learning methods, techniques or insight into music theory, guitar or bass, you’re more than welcome to write for us and add to our online magazine.

Simple Requirement:

  • 800+ Words content
  • The title should have good search volume
  • Keyword focused content with proper H2, H3, and H4s
  • Plagiarism Free content
  • You can also add meta description in the content
  • 1 Backlink is allowed per post !

Expert opinions required: No Expert opinions are required – but it is always helpful if you reach out and get a few opinions/quotes from players or experts in the field. Please give proper attribution if you do quote others.

Quality: The article must be the very best for its topic online.

Affiliate links: Please do NOT include affiliate links.  FYI, I may add my own affiliate links to the article.

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