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Fender G-DEC Review

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The Fender G-Dec, Guitar Digital Entertainment Center, is a state of the art guitar amplifier produced by Fender. It not only comes with preset amp effects and amp modelings, but it also comes with jam tracks from your favorite artists in metal, punk, rock, county, and rockabilly.

The Fender G-Dec also connects to your computer so you can download your favorite tracks, upload your recorded music to share with friends, and get presets and jam band backing loops from other G-Dec players.

The Fender G-Dec also allows you to create and store your own presets to pull out that certain tone you need to make your guitar sound beautiful. It is your band in a box already complete awaiting only for you to join the band.

There are several models of the amp that are available for play. There are the three special editions G-Dec 3 Thirty amps that come packed with presets and backing tracks for Blues, Country, and Metal. There is also the G-Dec Junior; the 15-watt little brother amp with its own presets and jam band backing loops.

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Here is What It Will Do For You.

This amp is not just any amp. The Fender G-Dec can be used as a band to practice with, without having a band to practice with. The recorded tracks by such artists as Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion, Autumn’s End, Bobby King, and thenewno2 allows you to jam to prerecorded tracks to practice just like in a real band.

You also can record your jams and upload them on your computer to share over the internet with your friends and fellow musicians. If the preloaded jams are enough for you, Fender and Hal Leonard Publishing Co. have teamed up to create songbooks on SD cards that work in the Fender G-Dec.

These cards come with backing tracks and lessons for you to jam with. You can now play along with lessons for Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and more.

Connecting to the internet will allow you to share your presets and also download presets other guitarists who play the G-Dec have made. This will allow you to get a countless number of presets to fill out your amp and your guitar sound.

The Fuse forum is the Fender forum for sharing your tunes and tones with other Fender players and will allow you to gain access to all the tones created by users and Fender as well. The Fuse forum will also be your stop for the band tracks as well to download on your amp.

The forum, along with the bundled software that comes with the purchase of the amp will allow for unlimited preset storage, in-depth editing to your recordings, and storage for all your recorded jams.

The special editions of the Fender G-Dec called the G-Dec 3 Thirty editions to give you amps jammed with packages of styles of music into one amp. The G-Dec 3 Thirty Blues is a stylish amp that brings back memories of the blues days of the 1960s with a classic amp looked loaded full with CD quality blues jam tracks and many blues preset tones.

The G-Dec 3 Thirty Country comes in a nice leather vinyl covering loaded with jam tracks from country artists such as Keith Urban and Brad Paisley and presets for the country, rockabilly, and Americana styles of play.

The G-Dec 3 Thirty Metal comes in a black-gray-white camo covering with black hardware loaded with jams from Cannibal Corpse, Bad Religion, and more. It also has drum-only metal loops, 100 tone presets, and even a few Southern rock jams for an added bonus.

The G-Dec Junior is the little brother in the family. This small 15-watt amp with an 8-inch speaker is perfect for little spaces to play in. It comes with a simple user interface, with presets from Pete Wentz to Sharika.

It comes with 16 amp types, including Tweed, British, Hot Rod, and more; 15 special effects presets including reverb, chorus, and delays; 15 band loops in styles for rock, blues, jazz, country, Latin, metal, and hip hop.

It also comes with a metronome, built-in E-tuner, a key selector knob that allows you to change the key of the band loops. You can even select to turn off the bass on the jams so that only the drums are looped. The tempo knob changes the tempo of the backing loop anywhere from 30 to 240 beats per minute.

Here is What I Want You to do Next

Check out your local Fender authorized dealer to check out the Fender G-Dec Guitar Digital Entertainment Center amp. Take a strum on a guitar plugged into this amp and find that this amp will have the sound you have been looking for from an amp, be it a thick, smooth jazz tone, a heavy metal tone, or even a classic Brit sound.

Once you find your tone, find the band to jam with on the amp and practice with the band that’s already in your amp.

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