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What is the Vox Valvetronix?

Vox Valvetronix VT40 Plus Guitar Amplifier Review

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Guitarists have to do a lot of practicing to get where they’re good enough to play for an audience, and then even more before they can make a living at it. However, even the best musicians need to have equipment that can produce the sounds they need, or all the skills in the world won’t do them any good at all.

That’s why having the right amplifier is such an important part of being able to bring your sound to whatever venue you happen to be playing that day. And when it comes to amplifiers, there aren’t many choices on the market better than the Vox Valvetronix for letting your music ring clear and true.

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What Will It Do For Me?

The Vox Valvetronix is not a magical cure-all for making a guitarist sound better. It can’t replace a quality guitar or the hours of practice that it takes to really make it sing. However, what it will do is make sure that every note is perfectly sung, and it will ensure that the audience gets the full spectrum of the song when you’re playing.

That’s what a quality amplifier is meant to do, and it is a job that the Valvetronix does superbly. At 24 pounds it’s an easily moved beast that can produce some truly serious sound, and it can also be programmed to remember different settings to make it easier for the guitarist to switch back and forth between different sets.

It makes playing and playing well as easy as humanly possible, taking a great deal of the work out of set up. So all the guitarist has to worry about is finding the rhythm and hitting the notes. The Valvetronix will take care of practically everything else involved.


The list of pros that the Vox Valvetronix delivers is as long as most player’s right arms. It’s also nearly as strong, given how muscular it is as a piece of equipment. From its tube-driven circuits to its unique settings and savings features, the Valvetronix puts everything that players need right at their fingertips so that technical difficulties are never a concern they need to bother themselves about.

And with so many different and great benefits, it’s no wonder that players have been trying to get their hands onto the Valvetronix. Especially given that it comes with such great features like:

  • 8 separate user programs. When a user has his or her settings right where they want them all they have to do is save them for a simple switch over at a later date. It saves an enormous amount of work and tuning up when it comes time to get on with the show.
  • Automatic tuner. When a user plugs the guitar in the Vox Valvetronix runs a diagnostic and automatically tunes itself for optimum playing. This makes sure that players never need to concern themselves with taking ten, fifteen, or even twenty minutes trying to get things just right for the show.
  • Power level control. While the Vox Valvetronix is capable of some serious juice, you don’t always need to play that loud. That’s where the power level control comes in. Whether you’re at home, in the recording studio, or up on stage, you can get just the right amount of power to make your jams sound perfect.
  • Tube-driven circuits for that authentic sound. There’s something about a real, tube sound that just can’t be digitally mimicked. That’s why the Valvetronix didn’t bother with mimicry, and instead just gave players real, vacuum tube precision for that deep, rich tone that no imitator can top.

These are just some of the most obvious benefits that come with using the Vox Valvetronix as your amplifier of choice for your performances. whether a guitarist just wants that classic sound, or he needs a quality mouthpiece to really let the notes flow, this particular model can handle the job.

And coming from a company with a reputation like Vox, customers know exactly what they’re getting. A great piece of equipment that will last for the long haul, and which will support their playing while making sure that every performance is smooth, clear, and precise.

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So What Should I Do Now?

With a list of features and benefits like that, it should be a no brainer whether or not a particular guitarist really needs a Vox Valvetronix to up his or her game. After all, it’s an easily portable machine with enough control and memory to set up perfectly every time, and for every set.

It delivers a clear rumble that comes from a real vacuum tube system and it does more than recreating that harmonious ring, it gives players the exact, authentic sound. Sometimes that, all by itself, is enough to justify the machine right then and there.

However, there are some guitarists that don’t need to get the Vox Valvetronix. For instance, if a player already has an amp that delivers a smooth, genuine sound and provides the ability to save settings and programs, there’s no reason to get a replacement that does the exact same thing.

Particularly if said replacement is a machine that the guitarist has already gotten used to and which he or she has had no problems with over past performances. That can make all the difference for many players; as long as what they have gets the job was done at least as well as a potential replacement, then why get something new?

On the other hand, there are still plenty of musicians that need to get a new amp to really bring their performances to the next level. And if you are one of those guitarists, then why wait for even one more day to get something that doesn’t produce an inferior sound? Why not finally take the plunge and get the amp that lets your song ring out the way it’s supposed to be heard? Try the Vox Valvetronix today and improve your song!

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