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What is the Fender Super Reverb?

Fender '65 Super Reverb 45-Watt 4x10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp Review

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The fender super reverb is a 45 watt, strictly tube only, an amplifier that is a complete recreation of the 1963 – 1968 blackface super reverb. This impeccable amplifier is around 29.5 inches by 14.2 inches by 29 inches in dimension, and it weighs approximately 70 pounds.

This fender amp has been equipped with four different 10 inches 8 – Ohm Jensen P-10R speakers. These speakers provide outstanding midrange tones and clean, clear, crisp sounds no matter how high or low you take the volume level.

This amplifier is ideal for any and all musical enthusiasts, and with it being of such high quality, durability, and with it being so cost-effective, it is quickly rising to the top of the list of America’s must-have product list.

Continuing to knock all of its competition out of the water, just like the original did back in its prime. With its amazing sound capabilities and its various features and options, there is no question as to why this amp has become so popular.

Plus, with this amplifier being so versatile, easy to use, and innovative, it is a great amp to be used by beginners, professionals, and all those in between in the musical field.

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What will the fender super reverb do for you?

There are many different ways you and everyone else can benefit from owning the fender super reverb amplifier. It is not just buying a piece of musical equipment, it is more so investing in the future of your musical career and improving your musical talent.

You will be able to achieve more of a variety of tones, you will have better effects, as well as editing features. You can achieve blues tones, jazzy tones, funky tones, and just about whatever you can dream of or imagine.

This amplifier delivers clean, crisp, clear, and better quality audio, that other amps cannot provide. With the fender super reverb you can use it for rehearsals, jam sessions with friends, large or small gigs, or just about anywhere you desire.

With its unique, sleek, innovative, and all-to-compact design this amp is easy to carry, store, and move around no matter where you need to take it. You will be amazed at what you can do with this particular amplifier. Once you use it for the first time you will experience its outstanding sound qualities, and you will never turn back you those ordinary amps.


There are many various great features to owning the fender super reverb such as:

  • Each of these amplifiers comes with a full set of easy-to-read, easy-to-understand instructions. These instructions will tell you how to set up your amp for first-time use, explain all of its features, and also shows you how to properly maintain your amp to keep it working for years to come, giving you the best possible results.
  • With this fender super reverb amplifier, it will last longer, is more durable, and can stand bumps and bruises without damage. This is because it is made up of the finest, highest quality materials. Most other amps crack, break, and scratch from even the smallest bump.
  • Equipped with four different 10 inches 8 – Ohm Jensen P – 10R speakers for optimal sound performance. Due to the speakers weight and density, it allows all of your music to flow out naturally, without any crackling, popping, or annoying static.
  • The fender super reverb amplifier had brigth switches for each channel.
  • Also, this amp has built-in, tilt backside legs on it. Allowing you to adjust it to the exact angle you need.
  • This amplifier is equipped with dual 6L6 groove tubes, various output tubes, two 12AT7 tubes, one 5AR4 rectifier tube, and four 12Ax7 preamp tubes.
  • One of the super Reverb amplifiers pros is that you have the possibility of cranking up the volume level, all the while retaining that fat Fender tone without clipping.
  • This Fender super reverb amplifier is great for bars, clubs, pubs, outdoor shows, rehearsals, and virtually everywhere else you need to play.
  • This amplifier is great for achieving that blues, jazz, or funky tones that many people enjoy and desire. All the while being able to achieve the tones for various other genres of music.
  • Being an all-tube amplifier it performs better and lasts longer than your standard amps
  • It has a sleek and stylish design that has a better on-stage look that fits in, opposed to the standing out more noticeable amplifiers.
  • This amp also has a two switch foot control
  • This amp has many various controls such as Normal Channel controls like bright Switch, Volume, Treble, bass, as well as the Vibrato Channel controls like Bright Switch, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, and Vibrato Speed, intensity controls. Giving You quick access right at your fingertips.
  • With this amplifier, you can connect your favorite music from your Mp3 or CD player, by using its designated output. Allowing you to play along with it and even record as you play.

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Here is what you should do Next

It is time for you and every other musician or musical enthusiast to stop wasting your precious time, your hard-earned money, and your talent using those poor quality, expensive, and low-grade amplifiers.

It is time for you to purchase your own fender super reverb, and experience its incredible capabilities for yourself. Once you use this amp you will never use another amplifier ever again. No other amp provides high-quality audio sounds, impeccable midrange tones, or versatility.

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This amplifier boosts your music talent to its absolute best, all the while improving your music on a daily basis. So what’s stopping you from achieving your musical dreams? Get your new amp today, you will never regret buying such an innovative, high-performing product like this one. Nothing else can compare.


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