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What is the Bugera V22?

BUGERA V22-INFINIUM 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Combo Review

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However, the sound that you produce is always going to be at least partially dependent on the equipment that you use.

So for hobbyists or those that are learning the skill, it’s ok to use something that’s cheap, or that may not be rated for creating the best possible tunes on the market. But for a professional, professional-grade tools are what’s needed to really lay down the best tracks and to get people to buy tickets and pack the venues you play at.

And for musicians that have reached that level, the Bugera V22 is the amplifier for you.


What Will It Do For Me?

Well, the Bugera V22 is a high quality, a vintage amplifier that can take a guitarist’s performance to the next level. A hefty machine, the Bugera offers players dedicated control, smooth sound, and 22 watts of power to make sure that no matter where you’re playing, that everyone can hear your tune in every part of the venue in question.

However, in addition to vintage style and looks, the V22 also offers users a simple interface that allows them the maximum possible control of their performances. Sometimes that’s what a guitarist really needs above all else.

Sure being able to blast the volume up is important, but if it takes half an hour to set up and make sure that every dial is turned just so, or if you have to refer to the instruction manual every time you have to perform, then you might be putting in entirely too much effort to get the sound that you need.

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Where the Bugera V22 truly shines is in its ability to convey power with control. While some amps have a hugely complicated control array that has to be fiddled with to create the best possible tunes, and others have a simple array but sub-par sound, the V22 takes the good and leaves the bad behind.

Of course, simplicity and richness of timbre are just two of the great features that this particular amp offers to guitarists that choose to use it. For instance, some of the other benefits of using the V22 include:

  • Vintage style 22-watt system that comes complete with reverb: With two channels to play on, along with 22 watts of power, the Bugera V22 offers players the sort of style that’s become classic, and the sort of power that will blow most audiences away. It’s one killer combination.
  • Precise controls and equalizer: For guitarists sick of trying to twiddle every little detail, the V22 aims to be simple while at the same time being quite precise. Generally speaking, it works quite well, and it is easy for anyone whether he’s an old hand or just getting started as a player, to get just the sound they’re looking for out of this amp.
  • 12″ Bugera speaker: Bugera is a company known for its unique sounds and heavy-duty construction, and this 12-inch speaker provides all the voice and verve that your average guitarist will need in order to make sure that every member of the audience hears every note like they were in the front row of the performance.
  • Mode switch: Whether a player wants to use Triode or Pentode mode to create his or her ideal sound, the switch is a simple tool to use, and all it takes is knowing where to dial to when it comes time to play.

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These are just a handful of the great options that players get access to when they decide to go with the Bugera V22 for their amplification needs. Bugera is a solid company with a reputation that’s hard to beat in the field for creating some of the finest, sturdiest and longest-lasting amplifiers and other music machines on the planet.

So for those guitarists that may not be sure at first, the Bugera V22 comes from a long pedigree of beautiful, vintage models that all provide for the needs of the player, no matter his or her particular song.


So What Should I Do Now?

Well, that really depends on your particular needs as a guitarist, and what you require from an amplifier. For instance, if someone already has an amplifier that’s easy to use, simple to adjust, and has a quality speaker that can reach all the way to the rafters, then there’s no real need for that musician to invest in the Bugera V22.

It’s obvious that he or she already has their needs met by the machine they’re using, and it would be silly to spend all that money to get something that can perform roughly the same way. However, if the musician in question doesn’t have a machine that can match the performance and user-friendliness of the Bugera V22, then it might be in that musician’s best interests to try and get his or her hands on one of these classy, sassy amps to take the performance to the next level.

So if a guitarist is in need of a quality amplifier from a company that has produced a long line of quality amplifiers, then the V22 is just what he or she needs. Simple to adjust and very user-friendly, with a speaker capable of adding a throaty roar to any song or solo, a guitarist would be hard-pressed to find something better.

And when it comes to a profession, there’s no reason to skimp on the tools of the trade. A cheap, low-quality amp will result in a cheap, low-quality sound. As such, why waste all the time and money on a cheap machine when you could have a high quality, well known, and vintage machine that will get the job done right the first time? Try the Bugera V22 yourself and hear the difference!

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