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Things are just things unless we put significance to it. An acoustic guitar is not just a musical instrument used to create melodies and rhythm. Yes, it can be played slow, temperate or fast. You can play various genres or moods. It can be in high spirits, soothing, gloomy, heartbreaking, mellow or loud and deafening. But above all these, an acoustic guitar is more than what it is made for.

The virtue being developed as you desire to learn it, play it, enjoy and share it, is something mounting in you that you may have not noticed, or you are less aware of. The principles we obtain from playing an acoustic guitar reflect life. It mirrors your feelings. It reveals your virtues. It shows who you are.

By putting the melodies and discipline while learning to play the acoustic guitar, you get to gain a lot of development both in the inner and outer core of your being. A couple of these are the following:

Mediocrity Vs. Excellence

You cannot play a song from the guitar unless you learn first of the chords, how to change between them, strumming, picking, tapping and the list goes on. That is why many have the dying desire to play an acoustic guitar, but they just end up with that mere desire.

They never had the staying power to learn and practice. You have to train yourself continually to become better. Unless you do so, you’ll never be the expert you want to be. Mediocrity never meets excellence. Mediocrity will just get you by, but excellence will get you to the top-where you ought to be as you desired at the beginning.

Pride Vs. Humility

If you play the acoustic guitar with the purpose of showing off to the public that you’re good, then you are bound to crash. Your pride and arrogance will soon make a route back to you. Take, for example, when you act with conceit as if you are the most excellent guitarist, and you don’t know that the one you’re bragging your skills to is a brilliant music director.

Probably you will lose your face in embarrassment. The best thing to do is to remain humble and when people ask you to play, then show them what you’ve got.

You wouldn’t know how amazed they would be when you start playing the guitar and display a great amount of skill. They would give you praises more than you deserve because of your humility.

Isolation Vs. Companionship

Music draws people. It binds relationships. When the music you make from your acoustic guitar attracts people, you get to share with them your talent, your skill, and you also share with them a part of you and establish intimacy, entertainment, and fun.

That’s it

With all these principles at hand, you will never look at playing the guitar the same way again. So, the next time you bring your acoustic guitar, make sure that you also bring in these principles to create better melodies, music, fun, and more friends.