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Dear lie, you suck” goes the line of a certain song by a famous all-female group. And yes, knowing myths and lies can really suck and be annoying at times. You pick up misrepresented and false information, which could sometimes stop you from truly understanding about something in particular.

Even simple things can be a victim of these myths. And the acoustic guitar is no exception. If you think about it, there are a couple of lies out there that surrounds the seemingly unpretentious acoustic guitar. Let me tell you about a couple of them.

  1. Girls cannot rock an acoustic guitar.

The acoustic guitar has been very much identified with the male persona. If you ask someone who best plays the acoustic guitar, one would automatically picture a hippie guy sitting on a stool. But, playing the acoustic guitar breaks gender stereotypes and does not discriminate. As long as one has the love for playing music, then one can rock the acoustic guitar, whether you are the chill-out kind of guy or a cheery kind of gal.

  1. Acoustic guitar is just for the lonely souls.

Maybe because of its soothing sound, the acoustic guitar has been the most common choice of instrument for heartbreaking sentimental songs. But for a lot of people, a celebration or even a small gathering of friends would never be complete without strumming a couple of easy-going and happy songs played with the ever trusted acoustic guitar.

  1. Playing acoustic guitar automatically equals to calloused hands.

Well, okay, there is a bit of truth to this. But, what is the use of the guitar pick? One can still have soft, calloused-free hands and still be a great acoustic guitar player. However, there’s still no better way to play the guitar than to feel every string as you strum your fingers across the instrument.

  1. A poor man’s instrument is what the acoustic guitar is.

It’s very common, accessible and inexpensive. These are the very descriptions of an acoustic guitar. But, mind you, even for an instrument as simple as the acoustic guitar, the music it creates transcends every social class. From the masses to the high society, young or old, one will definitely enjoy the melody it creates.

  1. The ability to play is innate and can be hard to learn.

This is probably one of the biggest lies of all. For anything, when the interest and the eagerness to learn something new is present, certainly nothing is impossible. One only has to be truly passionate, and everything will just come and be learned with ease and perfection. So, for those who are willing to learn to play the acoustic guitar, just don’t let this particular lie hinder you. Just strum along and go with the beat of the strings, the acoustic guitar, that is.

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