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For those who are musically talented have one thing to their advantage. With their voices and ability to play musical instruments, they can sing or play their way to the hearts of their loved ones or anybody for that matter. And it is no wonder that learning to play the acoustic guitar, would make you one of the most talented and sought after companion by most girls.

Although the ear for music is probably innate, learning to play acoustic guitar, just like any skill, can be learned and honed with sheer dedication and constant practice. One has just to have the interest in the first place to really pursue learning how to play the acoustic guitar.

Aside from mastering the technicalities of it, it is still in loving what you’re doing and your inspiration that provides emotions and soul to your music that will move any listener or audience you may have.

In the passage of time, ways of learning to play the acoustic guitar have also evolved. Back in grade school in the ’80s (not very long ago huh), I made my first strums during my guitar classes one summer. We were about 15 kids aged between nine to twelve years old. Imagine a group of kids walking down the road carrying guitars that were bigger than their bodies.

Well, it was a heady feeling when people took a second look at us. It made us feel like we were some elite group from the Ivy League or the chosen ones who will change the course of history someday.

Back then, after our teacher taught us the basic chords, we only had the songbooks and each other to guide us through the learning process. Gigs and other jamming sessions were not that popular at that time, and definitely not allowed for school kids.

True enough, that summer experience quickly became part of my own history, but the bittersweet feeling of pressing your fingers against the string will never be (hey, its difficult for beginners to produce a decent F and G sounds at first try).

But now, with the unstoppable innovations in technology, those who want to learn playing the acoustic guitar and other instruments have all sorts of materials at their disposal. The internet alone is one unlimited treasure chest.

Creating beautiful music through an orchestrated strumming of strings and plucking of notes does not spell rocket science these days. But having a beautiful singing voice to go with “hammer-ons” is another story.
However, if after having wasted a dozen picks, and still the music does not come quite right, you can always tell your Muse that it’s the thought the counts.

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