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Egnater TWEAKER 40 112 Guitar Combo Amplifier Review

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The Egnater Tweaker is a super-compact tube amp that gives guitar players a unique tone. Tube amps have superior sound quality; and this amp, powered by two 6V6 tubes is the latest and greatest in small, performance amplifiers.

No matter your style, this amp is a great choice. Created by Bruce Egnater, who has been crafting high-quality amplifiers for right around 305 years, it provides players with painfully smooth tones, over-saturated leads, and many different effects in between. These amps may not be very well known outside of the US, but they are well worth all of the fuss.

Anyone who has ever loved the sound of a Vox amp in classic rock knows the power and class of a tube amplifier. This USA designed tube amp is reminiscent of a classic Vox amp, as was stated in the review by Guitar Australia; one of the top voices helping guitar players all over the world discover which gear is a hit and which gear is a miss.

The Engater Tweaker is definitely a hit, with a stellar range.

No matter whether you play tunes for yourself in the privacy of your home, or perform on stage in front of large audiences, the Tweaker can change your sound into that of the guitar gods of the past with a killer, modern twist.

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Here’s What It’ll Do For You

Most compact amps lack in the effects department, but not the Egnater Tweaker. Loaded with a wide array of superior tones, this compact amp has everything you could want- and more.

There are five toggle switches on the front of the amp. Each of these switches allows you to choose between a variety of sounds. Choose between vintage and modern, USA sound, AC, and Brit sound; hot and clean, bright and normal, or tight and deep.

The first, the vintage and modern switch sets the pace for your signature sound. Vintage will give you a softer, smoother tone, while modern will be edgy and powerful. The EQ switch gives you the options regarding whether or not you want to use a clean USA sound or a classic British sound, or the unbeatable VX AC tone.

Tight and bright gives you the choice between a soft and smooth flow, to one that is aggressive and full-bodied. Play around with all of the different toggle options to see what the Egnater Tweaker has in store for you.

Features of the Egnater Tweaker include 3 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and 2 6V6 power tubes. There are switchable power options (100V, 115V, and 230V). The Tweaker includes a buffered effects loop, five toggle switches for changing tone, and master volume control.

Reviewed as a must-have piece of equipment by Australian Guitarist, Guitar World, and Sound on Sound (among others), the Tweaker is a one of a kind compact tube amp that provides the sound quality and options of a much larger amplifier.

Most amplifiers that provide such a wide array of effects options lack quality in the tones of the multiple effects. This is where the Egnater Tweaker really beats out the competition. It may only be 15 watts, and it may be so small you can take it anywhere, but the Tweaker is extremely powerful and the tone quality of the effects is brilliant.

Customers who have purchased this beautifully engineered tube amp have raved about how much sound comes out of such a small amplifier; and they have been impressed by the lack of annoying buzzing and humming that most amps have at loud volumes.

Compact, lightweight, powerful, and versatile; the Egnater Tweaker is the ideal performance, recording, or performance amplifier for any guitarist who wants a reliable, crisp sounding piece of equipment. It’s also extremely affordable– a plus for any guitarist trying to make it in the biz. The fact that it is beautiful to look at is another positive that shouldn’t be left out.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Egnater has been the amp of choice for rock legends including Dimebag Darrel, Steve Vai, and many more well-known artists in metal and rock. If you take the nature of your sound seriously, you’ll know that a tube amp is something that should be added to your list of gear; but not just any tube amp.

You need an affordable, high-quality, compact tube amp made by one of the best in the business. The Egnater Tweaker is that guitar amp.

This beautifully designed, simple to use amplifier is sure to make you weak in the knees with rich sound and so many different options that are guaranteed to add a memorable punch to any of your gigs.

Even if you’re just practicing with the Egnater Tweaker in your bedroom, this gear will show you your true potential as an artist. This isn’t your average “micro-amp.” It’s a compact amplifier with the power of amps ten times its size, with two tubes dedicated to bringing you unbridled power.

Do yourself and your on-stage prowess a favor, and give this amp a go. The legends knew what they needed in an amp- a tube amp with a quality tone. Follow the lead of the professionals and give yourself the gift of platinum grade sound with the Egnater Tweaker.


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