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Of course there are special secrets in learning how to do different things easily and learning how to play well the acoustic guitar is no exception! Tips so simple enough to follow that one may tend to ignore them as plain ‘simple’ and try very hard to do other things that are not helping them in any way.

Here are 5 effective tips for you to start learning how to play the acoustic guitar really well as soon as possible!

Secret #1: Get A Playing Partner!

I have always believed in the saying, “The better musicians you play with, the better musician you will be.” Of course, that absolutely makes sense. If you jam along with musicians better than you, there is the 100% chance that you will always learn from them.

You will get better and better everyday since you tend to pick up a lot from the experts. So go play with a very good guitar player or a whole bunch of them and you will definitely have the upper hand.

Secret #2: Tune Up Guitar Strings

One tip how to make your guitar sound better while playing is constant replacement of guitar strings. This tips never fails to improve your guitar sound. You have no idea how many times musicians change their guitar strings! The brand really doesn’t matter as long as you change them often.

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Secret #3: Master The Barre Chords

In case you have no idea, ‘barre chords’ are chords requiring your index finger to stretch out across and press down more than one string simultaneously. This allows you to make chords anywhere up the neck. The right amount of pressure must be achieved to get a clear sound.

One tip is to lower your wrist away from the back of your acoustic guitar’s neck and let your hand arch over the fret board a little more. In this way, you will be able to keep your first finger straight and put more pressure on the fret board when needed.

Secret #4: To Have Speed…Learn To Slow Down!

Speed doesn’t always mean accuracy. You have to gain control of your skills and slow down so you will learn fast. Building speed takes time and time is what you really need to train your fingers and your memory skills.

You can start slowly on a favorite exercise and do it purposely with dedication and concentration. Take time to learn.

Secret #5: Pick The Right Picks!

Don’t overlook the right tool for the job. Guitar picks have a very important part in playing your acoustic guitar.  Thinner picks work best when it involves lots of strumming patterns. They have less resistance when you play them across the strings. Though they tend to flap a lot which actually decreases precision.

Thicker picks however work very well for single note lines requiring precision as well as speed. It can give you more control most especially if you are doing a lead part.


With the above-mentioned in mind, it is a guarantee that not only will you be able to play your best, but also be assuredly producing a quality and good acoustic guitar music and sound.

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