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The Best acoustic guitar amps (amplifiers) should be chosen carefully if you frequently perform on stage with your acoustic guitar. Today there are many choices of acoustic guitar amps, giving you the flexibility to find the good amps that suit your need. No matter where you play acoustic guitar: small restaurant, music studio, large street or even in huge stage jamming along with other louder musical instruments; you can pick the best acoustic guitar amps which will greatly emphasize your guitar’s sound. The alternatives are never ending.

We would like to list 5 acoustic guitar amps that we think they’re good enough for you and, for the most important thing regarding money to spend, they are affordable for under 500 dollars. If you got more money to invest to more fancy gears for your acoustic guitar than try to research the other amps (We’ll post for this in the future). In this post, we have to admit that money to spend is the first thing we put into account when building the list. These amps are well-worth the money and good options you should consider.

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OK, so here is the list :

  1. Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

What good about Loudbox Mini is it brings all you need to make your acoustic guitar sounds louder. This amp is great in portability (Fishman’s lightest and most portable amp), clear tonal quality and tagged at a cheaper price for a Fishman amp. Powerful at 60 watt so it will match to your performance at parties, church and small venues. The other things that makes it one of the best acoustic guitar amps for the money is a high quality feedback-fighting phase switch. Loudbox Mini also has 2 channels: Fishman’s legendary preamp and tone control designs, plus digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel and reverb for the microphone channel.

  1. ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

We really wished that ZT would name it to another instead of ‘Lunchbox’. But let’s leave the name behind. Regardless the name, ZT Lunchbox has ranked in the top ten best-selling acoustic guitar amps in It is the first two-channel amplifiers released by ZT, featuring a pro-grade reverb, anti-feedback circuitry, clean amplifier power and highly flexible signal I/O.

Portability is good, about 9 pounds and will fit in your backpack, it’s ready to be your best companion on your acoustic guitar gigs anywhere. The amp’s controls are very usable and straight forward. ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amp can peak at 200 watts, ensuring you that this little guy can emphasize your guitar sound loud enough at club, café, recording studio or stage. Priced far under $500 as we write this (check the most recent price range here) yet came with great flexibility, ZT Lunchbox Acoustic is another best acoustic guitar amplifier we have to include in this list.

  1. Roland AC-33

This Roland AC-33 is a 30-watt 2-channel acoustic guitar amps that runs on either AC or DC power. If you can’t find an electric plug, just grab 8 AA batteries or rechargeable NiMH battery types as its power source. The lightweight adds greater portability and usability to this amp.

Other good features are anti-feedback function; reverb, chorus, and ambience effects; built-in tilt-back stand; built-in effects; and even a decent quality phrase looper with 40 seconds of record time. Guitar sound generated through this amp is flawless. Very clear, natural acoustic, no distortion and full stereo with 15W twin speakers. Many users have positive reviews and good experience when using this guitar amp.

  1. Fender Acoustasonic (TM) 100 Combo

Fender Acoustasonic (TM) 100 Combo is a brown-colored, 2-channel acoustic guitar amplifier with independent EQ and effects controls. It’s best for you who wants a 100-watt powerful, great-sounding and versatile amp within the compact design. It offers good features too like built-in effects; feedback elimination control; voicing control for dreadnought, parlor and jumbo selections; built-in kick stand; and highly portable, lightweight (18 lbs) design with 5-ply plywood sturdy construction.

The Acoustasonic 100 generates acoustic guitar resonance into a crystal-clarity tone through 8″ foam-surround low-frequency driver and high-frequency tweeter. If you also play an electric guitar, just use the Blackface, Tweed and British amp settings, so don’t need another amp for your electric guitar playing.

Ranks #4 in Amazon’s best-selling acoustic guitar amplifier, your choice to this Fender amp can’t be wrong.

More Fender Amps:

  1. Behringer ACX450 Ultracoustic

If you expect good portability from this Behringer guitar amp, sorry. But you’ll be disappointed. Weighing about 30 pounds, we would choose ZT Lunchbox or Roland AC-33 as the winner in a portability match. Instead of looking at portability, we want to consider the goodness of the guitar tone it can reproduce and the flexibility it offers from inside its rugged construction.

Behringer ACX450 Ultracoustic will make your acoustic guitar sounding very big and loud through its powerful 45W original 8″ BUGERA dual-cone speaker. It’s a 2-channel guitar amp, so you can use it to perform with an acoustic guitar and a mic for vocals. Both channels can be set to your liking by using a 4-band equalizer which is equipped with BEHRINGER’s FBQ Feedback Detection System for a high clarity sound.

There’s an RCA stereo input in the back of the Behringer ACX450 for plugging in a CD/MP3 player, so you can play your guitar together with your favorite songs. Click here for more (a lot!) Behringer ACX450 Ultracoustic good features.