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Every electric guitar players, professionals or not, needs to have an amplifier. When you use an amplifier, the music that your guitar will make becomes really good, and playing it will be more enjoyable. Have you ever found an electric guitar player who plays without an amplifier? Of course not. Without an amplifier, an electric guitar cannot make a sound different from other type of guitars.

Finding and buying the right amplifier for your guitar could be tricky, and many people are buying the wrong ones for their instruments. When shopping for an amplifier, don’t just take home the first one you try. Sure, it sounds really good to play, is it really the right one for your instrument?

Fortunately, we made a guide of the things that you need to remember when buying an amplifier.

Choose the Perfect Amount of Watts:

The smaller the amount of Watts, the more quiet is the sound it makes. The amount of watt is very important when buying a guitar amplifier. Do not buy an 80-watt amplifier if you’re just going to play inside your house or basement.

That amount of what is better when playing for a large crowd, perhaps in a concert stage. But if you’re just presenting in a school fair, probably with a drummer, it is way better to buy a 25 or 35-watts amplifier. Just remember that you can always turn down the power of the amplifier.

Additional Special Effects

If you’re not a tech specialist and you definitely do not need the special effects, then don’t buy an amplifier witch such. Amplifiers with special effects generally cost more than those that do not have effects in them. Many amplifiers today boast about such special effects, only to hide the real quality of the equipment. Be careful about this, and make sure you’ll not be blinded by these special effects.

What is Your Budget?

This is the most important and most obvious question when buying anything. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on amplifiers, it is helpful to check out second-hand websites or sites like Craiglist before buying a new amplifier. If you really want a brand new one though, you must check Amazon for the site offers the newest and most affordable amplifiers in the market.

You can also ask different online forums about the prices, or compare deals and special offers in some websites.

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The Right Kind: Digital, Solid-State, or Tube

Make sure to listen and check each type of amplifier before buying one. What is the one you really need? What works best for your instrument, the situation, and your location? Just a tip: tube amplifiers are very old models, but a lot of guitarists nowadays prefer them than digital or solid-state technologies.

It won’t hurt to find out why.

Just remember the four pointers above, and you will be able to buy the perfect amplifier that fits your need and the situation. Do not hesitate on buying essential equipment for your passion in guitar playing, especially amplifiers. They make playing the guitar much more enjoyable.

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