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A good guitar-player is not just playing well but also know how to keep in good condition for both quality sounds and nice finish. When you spend lot of money for quality guitar you should has knowledge about care and maintenance guitar. The guitar is not just an instrument it is a good friend. So let treat it well.

  • Climatic Conditions: Most of high-quality-guitar made by solid woods. As you known, woods are more often effected by climate, specially are temperature and humidity. For guitars, the good humidity is about 60%. Some places has high humidity, you should put some silica gel bag along with guitar into case or put your guitar in air-conditioned rooms. Some guitars get high humidity that cause distortions such as light-curved neck but when put it in suitable humidity it will restore good shape. (note: too high humidity, the distortions will large and your guitar can’t restore). The high temperature is not good for guitar too, at 50oC the glue which connecting your guitar will be melt.  So do not put guitar at too hot places such as outdoor, fireplace, stove, etc.
  • Replace Strings: The old strings will give buzz sounds or bad sounds. Do not remove all old strings then put new strings, you should replace one by one. You do not cut strings because the tension will be sudden change and your guitar maybe damaged. If you play guitar regularly you should replace strings once a month which keeping the sound quality.
  • Gloss Paint: It look nice finish but it very weak and easy scratch. With hot weather, this layer is very crisp and fragile. You should use Polish and Cleaners for care and maintenance that to keep your guitar well.
  • Neck and Frets:  You should clean neck and frets at least 2 or 3 time for a year by using guitar oils and cotton cloths. You can clean neck and frets at replace strings.
  • Preservation: After playing, your guitar should put guitar into case. If you need to store guitar for a long times, let loose strings a little bit.

Note: The guitar if don’t play more often, the sounds quality will be reduce.