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There are various guitar accessories that you might need soon enough. Most of these accessories will definitely help you learn to play the guitar faster and in the right way.  It is advised that you carefully study these out and take notes. You do not need to buy them all before you begin playing the instrument. This is just a list of guitar accessories that can make your life easier.

  1. Spare Guitar Strings

Do not make the minor mistake of not having spare guitar strings. You must always have extra strings when the moment comes that one snaps. Whether you are just a beginner in playing a guitar or have been playing all of your life, you should also learn how to restring your guitar, as waiting for someone to do the job can cost you more time and money.There are many instructional YouTube videos on String Changing if you have to learn to change them right away.

Order spare guitar strings the next time you buy other guitar stuff, and have at least two spare sets at home. When choosing strings, you have to pay attention as to whether the strings are for an acoustic or electric guitar. As you develop your musical skills, you will soon be able to pick the perfect strings most appropriate for your instrument.

  1. Guitar Picks

You have to buy a few picks. You need the thinnest pick that you can find. Thin picks will aid you to learn strumming very efficiently, and it will also help you do a basic guitar playing technique called ‘plucking’. There is a wide variety of picks in the market, so you will have to decide on your own as to what you are at ease with and what sounds better to yours ears with your guitar.

Picks come in a wide array of materials, from nylon, plastic, metal, rubber, or even paper. You would also want to consider the pick’s weight, which can be easily measured by its thickness and shape – both will definitely have a significant effect to the sound.

  1. Tuner

Nothing is more important than to set your instrument on the perfect tune. A small change in room temperature can make your guitar strings to expand and contract as with any other metal. Include that on top of playing which definitely causes gradual movement of the strings, and you are soon bound to need to re-tune any time soon. You ought to learn to tune up the guitar yourself without needing any equipment, but there is always a big chance messing up everything instead of improving your guitar’s sound.

In time, you will be able to learn what ‘in tune’ sounds like, and may be able to finally tune without the aid of a tuner yourself. Even after you are able to do it without any assistance, it’s always better to have one ready on hand should you need to tune your equipment right away.

  1. Capo

A guitar capo is a very incredible device that you clip on the guitar neck, and it instantly alters the pitch of the open strings when played. Clamped in the fret board, it reduces the playable length and raises the pitch of the strings of the instrument.  They are used to change song’s key, and will help you to play along with songs that are otherwise very difficult to do.

When you are just beginning to learn any stringed instrument, it is usually easiest to start playing pieces/songs in various keys using similar fingerings as when you play ‘open’ or without a capo.  The moment you become more at ease with the ordinary and basic fingerings, you will be able to start learning alternative and cool methods of playing notes and chords with confidence.

  1. Strap

Having a strap is an excellent idea. It helps to keep the guitar in a stable position and helps you to be accustomed for when you want to show your skills to the world standing up. Do not hesitate too much about what type of strap you must get. Just purchase the one you like – there are no very important factor to weigh in. Just keep in mind that if you bought a heavy guitar, you might want to buy a padded strap so that you don’t hurt your shoulders.

Now that you know the ideal guitar accessories that you should buy, do not use them as an excuse to not play the guitar from the hard basics. These accessories are not meant to be used as shortcuts, but as tools to help you play better.

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