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Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar review

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The Yamaha FGX700SC acoustic-electric guitar has all the great features of the FG700S with an added cutaway body style and advance features including a solid Sitka spruce top, System 55T piezo/preamp, a built-in tuner, and Die-cast tuners…. The FGX700SC sounds are fantastic when acoustically or plugged in.

In this Yamaha FGX700SC review article, you’ll find out some  of the outstanding characteristics of this acoustic guitar.

What is the Best Yamaha FGX700SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

This is an excellent acoustic guitar and an outstanding value. In my opinion, you’re not going to regret buying this guitar. It is the best value for your budget that I have seen in an acoustic-electric guitar.

  • All solid woods will produce the sounds better laminated woods. That helps tone is going to improve with age.
  • Great guitar for both in sounds and build quality workmanship.
  • Plays easy and remains in tune.
  • The action and neck/fret feel is nice.
  • The sound is strong and deep for both bass and treble.
  • The sounds great and nice with unplugged and plug-in.
  • The tuner integrated into EQ also allows you to tune the strings so easily.
  • System55T Piezo and Preamp that produce the best quality sounds when playing with the plug-in.

Best Uses

  • Jamming
  • Practicing
  • Recording
  • School Bands
  • Small Venues

Why should you choose it – Yamaha FGX700SC Good and Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar for the money?

I have to say that you’re not a first-person or a “laboratory mouse” when choosing the Yamaha FGX700SC. There are so many guitarists who chosen and appreciated it. Now, you can research on Google and you will find out what I just said or you can visit Amazon.com to read over 120 reviews for FGX700SC – most of them (93%) give a positive rating.

The price range $$$ and is a great solid Sitka Spruce top which will resonate better and has more clarity and volume than a laminated top. You are going to really like the value Yamaha gives – Great guitars for the money! They play nice, is good quality, and have a great tone.

If you want to get the best acoustic-electric guitar for the money, try FGX700SC. You’ll never regret that because the prices are great compared to similar quality in other brands. And if you consider buying an FGX700SC, you can purchase it at Amazon.com.


For just under $$$ you get a solid top for the best acoustic-electric guitar with pretty decent Yamaha electronics. Probably the best budget you’ll find in that price range.

I hope for some information from Yamaha FGX700SC review article above that is useful to you!

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