For the record, I have previously owned various semi acoustic, electric and acoustic guitars, such as; Luna Safari, ChromaCast, Yamaha and Crescent. Though I’d never play favorites because some guitars are made to be used in a specific manner, I can make a few exceptions.

For instance, the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is the first of many to harbor a natural instinct for even the beginner level guitarists to help them skillfully churn out a few strums. Such guitars don’t require a lot of effort – so much so that they could be an ideal match for an intermediate level learner.

In this context, this Seagull S6 acoustic guitar review is for all those who are looking to buy a new guitar, or are even remotely considering switching over to a better product just for the fun of it.

The “problem” with guitars is that you never know how they’re going to turn out, unless and until you play it. By then, it is already too late because in many scenarios, it is not easy to return or replace a guitar. The best workaround solution is to consult with experts before making a purchase, or go through customer reviews.

Fortunately, Seagull S6 is the not the company’s first rodeo; they have released previous reiterations of the same guitar with inferior specs. The current model holds not only a superior build, but has some of the most soothing results to come out of casual strumming and intensive live events altogether.

Seagull S6 Guitar Specifications

Although you can lookup full list of specifications at the guitar’s respective Amazon sales page, some of the main highlights are appended below:

  • Pressure treated real Canadian maple wood with high quality build.
  • Semi-gloss finishing.
  • Available in different color combinations at select retailer websites.
  • Available as semi electric variant at some stores.
  • Large nut width to help accompany users with bigger hands.
  • Double function truss rod with Canadian Wild Cherry sides and back. The guitar’s build quality will mature over time, just like a fine bottle of Whiskey.
  • Stock strings have above average performance over competitor brands.


First Impressions with Seagull S6 acoustic Guitar:

Straight out of the box, this guitar will bedazzle you with its lush exterior finishing quality. Just by looking at it closely, you can imagine that Seagull Co. spent a lot of time on polishing and re-applying coat-after-coat to achieve that glossy look. However, you’re going to have to be extra careful with maintenance factor because the guitar’s body can scratch easily.

The wild cherry back topped off with Canadian Maple offers a slick combination of an elegant music instrument – you can’t go wrong there. The seemingly few “imperfections” are markings on the wood that usually occur naturally over time. Overall, the Seagull S6 maintains a satisfying visual appeal to guitarists out there.

As far as finishing is concerned, it is a tad bit thick. Since I mentioned earlier, that the nut is 1/8th of an inch wider than a regular guitar. This was an intentional feature, which Seagull added to make sure that people with stubby fingers can play the guitar with just as much convenience as regular folks can.

User Experience:

Imagine an affordable guitar that carries the performance and feeling of a $1,000 rival product – that’s what Seagull S6 is capable of. Okay, to be honest, I’d be exaggerating a little bit, but the point is that this specific model has sublime results.

For entry to intermediate level guitarists, Seagull offers a relatively quick learning curve. It needs a bit of getting used to, but the curve is definitely worth it. As a matter of fact, the guitar’s pricing is kept proportional to the results and build quality with a great sense of perfection. Seagull reportedly acknowledged that they were selling their guitars at a relatively lower rate, just to help deserving players who wish to get by with an impeccable instrument.

As far as sound quality goes, I’d say that you need to try it out yourself. From the first time a chord is struck, the Seagull S6 will respond with a bright and larger than life sound. The slightly high octave tone is achieved with the help of carefully positioning the strings over the bridge.

On the contrary, blues guitarists might find this guitar’s bright notes as a slightly indelicate touch. Especially if you are looking for that deep Southern drawl kinda’ music, this guitar won’t deliver the effect.

We all know that tones and sounds are subjective. Therefore, I can’t say that you are guaranteed to fall in love with what you’re going to hear the first time. What I can promise is that you will grow a fondness towards the S6 over time and endless jamming sessions with your buddies, read amazon customer reviews.


Closing Thoughts:

Some people find the $300+ price a bit too high for an acoustic guitar. Obviously, if you know a thing or two about high quality, you’ll agree that the Seagull S6 guitar’s pricing is justified. Regardless, it is a nifty piece of equipment that will need a bit of getting used to.

Don’t worry about the strings; they will break at some point. You can replace them easily as per your convenience. It is a genuinely interesting product with a high resale value after years of rigorous use. Have fun out there, and don’t forget to share your experience about Seagull S6 acoustic guitar through the comments section below.

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