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For more than 140 years, the Epiphone brand has been a leader in crafting fine instruments and creating innovative guitar designs that anyone can definitely afford.

You have always yearned to play an electric guitar – and Epiphone has made it possible.  Most people say that Epiphone’s Les Paul Player Pack possess everything that you need in order to start playing guitar. We tried to find out why in this Epiphone Les Paul review.

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package, Ebony

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Customer Benefits

The Epiphone Les Paul (LP) Special II electric guitar feels and looks nicer than what most people expects. The amplifier is just adequate for starters; it is loud enough for practicing purposes. The tuner will definitely aid you to start out in the right tune, which is a great advantage for first timers. Its strap, picks, guitar to amplifier cable, and bag are the stuff available you need to start out.

And for an additional treat, the Les Paul Performance Pack has free downloadable guitar lessons courtesy of eMedia. These lessons from eMedia’s provide easy-to-follow instructional videos covering any kinds of songs, be it blues, country, rock, metal, folk or pop.

Product Features

Epiphone Les Paul Special II closeup

When you buy an Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Player Pack, you will be receiving an Epiphone LP Special electric guitar, an Electar-ten guitar amplifier, a clip-on chromatic tuner, a guitar strap, medium picks, a ten feet guitar cable, and an accompanying lightweight gig bag. As already mentioned, included are the free downloadable guitar lessons from eMedia as well, giving you immediate and complete access to tutorials covering a wide variety of music types. With Epiphone Les Paul Special II, you can start your journey now.

The Epiphone LP Special II electric guitar in vintage sunburst is definitely a no-nonsense model that’s always ready for action fresh from its box. If you’re in great need for a reliable and comfortable instrument that is excellent to be used on practice, gigs, jamming, and even recording, then this is the electric guitar that is perfect for you.

Its body is shaped according to the very recognizable single-cutaway profile that almost all Les Paul guitar have, and it was built using a hard, solid wood to make the customary ‘Les Paul’ tone. The bolt-on solid maple neck is fitted to the body, which has been intentionally modeled to be fast-playing and accommodating. This only means that it is great for honing your playing skills and improving towards advanced guitar playing techniques. Matched with the neck is an elegant-looking rosewood fingerboard that carries 22-frets.

This electric guitar is perfectly fitted with 700T and Alnico 650R  humbuckers at the bridge and the neck positions respectively. It doesn’t matter if you are a flat picker, chicken picker, shredder, sweeper,  tapper or strummer, this beautifully matched pair of beauties will make sure that the music you are seeking for can be gained with only small effort, and will most likely allow you to move on to what you do best.

To ensure a stable feel as you play, the Epiphone LP Special II LE benefits from a stop bar tailpiece  and a tune-o-matic bridge, which work alongside each other in order to maintain a great stability and string intonation. All in all, the features of Epiphone LP Special II is spot on.

Product Guide

Aside from the usual content of most product reviews, our Epiphone Les Paul review features a product and maintenance guide. As repeatedly mentioned before, this awesome electric guitar set is the most excellent setup for beginners.

The most special about this product is that it is specifically-aimed for the starters, and that it comes with everything a starter needs to begin playing right away. There is no longer a need to do additional home works and find out the accessories that you need when you do not really know and are not that interested in.

Not only is Epiphone LP Special II a good guitar, you can actually get the periphery items that should definitely work for you as you are just a beginner, and that you are ought to upgrade after you finally realize what you really want.

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Maintenance Guide

The guitar is honestly much more attractive in person than from the photos in the internet. You can easily tell that it is extremely well made. Some may have a couple of very small cosmetic blemishes, but it won’t really matter since they are hardly noticeable. The sound of this electric guitar is generally good. The rumors are true: it does sounds different than a Fender Squire Stratocaster, but only in a good way. It possesses a sultry ‘warm’ tone. It maybe hefty to some, but most do not consider it as actually ‘heavy’.

The nylon strap that you will wear over your shoulder is fairly adjustable, and could absolutely be adjusted up or down to fit a small person or a massive adult. The ‘gig bag’ guitar case features a large  pocket that you can utilize to store a couple of song books or more. The gig bag has a sling strap too that you can readily tote over your shoulder, or you can use as its handle.

Maintaining this guitar does not entail any special treatment. Just clean and take good care of it, as you would any guitar brands.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

  1. Does Epiphone LP Special II works with Rock Smith? Will I be needing an extra cable in order to hook it to the Locksmith PS3 Game?
  • The cable that comes with the guitar connects only to the amplifier. As for the Rock Smith, make sure the game you have bought comes with the cable especially for the specific game. It should come with a USB port in one end and a jack on the other one. If you have bought the game without the special cable, you can go online and order one in Amazon.
  1. What is the difference between an Epiphone LP Special II and the Epiphone?
  • The Epiphone kit has a 15-watt amplifier with just a few more controls (the reverb and the overdrive).
  1. Does this package really comes with the LTD model as advertised?
  • Yes, it does come with the Epiphone Les Paul (LP) LTD Special II.


If you come along any Squier Stratocaster review or Epiphone Les Paul review over the internet, they will all tell you one thing: Epiphone Les Paul Special II is the perfect setup for any budding guitarist, don’t forget to take a look at amazon customer reviews.

The Epiphone Les Paul (LP) Special II Guitar Player Pack is an excellent way to save time and readily start your music career. Seasoned professionals also took a liking at the Special II because it is a great-sounding electric guitar that definitely allows them to leave their more expensive instruments at home.

Review Summary:

The Epiphone Les Paul (LP) Special II Guitar Player Pack is an excellent way to save time and readily start your music career.

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