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Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar review

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The Dean Vendetta XM is no doubt an excellent beginner’s guitar, an item well-suited to electric guitar enthusiasts who have not yet started to grow into their inner touch-me-not-rockstar-self, but who are not very sensitive to a decent neck or sound yet. Just like with any other beginner’s instrument, it should not be compared to other quality-made instruments from Japan or the United States. If you won’t expect much from this electric guitar, then you might be really pleased with the result.

And to answer the questions in your head: no. This is not your American Standard Stratocaster. It is a nice-looking, just-fine-playing instrument for beginners. It is a well-featured, lightweight thing, and it absolutely looks different than most beginner guitars.

Customer Benefits

Its body is quite lightweight and is a sure comfort to the shoulder. The guitar is a little bit neck-heavy because of the light body, but it is not unbearable.

However, this electric guitar does not have as much sonic guts as heavyweight guitars like an Epiphone Les Paul or Squier HH Stratocaster. In fact, it doesn’t give away as much ring at all. It mostly absorbs the sustained notes. What is important is that it is extremely comfortable despite the small price.

Features of Dean Vendetta Xm Electric Guitar

The features of this guitar are very much its strongest point. This electric guitar has an incredible resonance while boasting itself by having an elegant-looking lightweight string-thru Paulownia body with a natural-looking finish and bolt-on construction. It also has a Dual-Naked Humbuckers, volume and tone controls, and a three-way dongle. They may be average, but they still do the job well. They are best suited for ‘power chords’ and for note-to-note single-tone playing. The maple neck is 24-fret,  25.5-inch scale, with a Rosewood for the fingerboard and dot inlays.

The guitar is also a treat for those who don’t have a much budget a solid Vendetta option with Dean die-cast tuning machines, a bolt-on neck, and a unique Tune-O-Matic bridge. Even the acoustic sound of the Dean Vendetta XMis pretty good. The string-through design makes for an excellent ‘ring’, reasonably low-end frequencies, and an interesting look to boot.

Product Guide

Just like any Dean Vendetta electric guitarsthis one is a very playable instrument as well. It is comfortable from a body-fit  and a strap and perspective, and the neck has an excellent balance for both large and small hands. It is smooth and comfortable in almost every area.

The tuners may become out of tune when the instrument is played quite aggressively. The instrument needs a fairly reasonable set up when it is purchased – if nothing else to set the string height to the player’s preferences.


The quality of Dean Vendetta XM units in general, is a mixed bag. The finish of the body is flawless enough – flat, smooth, consistent, and sophisticated. The finish on the neck may need an additional work. The neck finish was a bit rough, the frets were quite unfinished, and the fretboard is just not as nice as it should be.

Even the serial number’s imprint is not perfectly done. The neck finishing looks as if it was done in a hurry. The nut is definitely a hollow plastic variety – although this is usual for guitars in this price range, this is something that you will never expect from a Dean Vendetta brand.

With these complications stated, owners must treat these guitars with more care. Yes, this brand is ideal for beginners, but it doesn’t guarantee a durability that lasts to lifetime.

Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar Review

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

  1. What’s the size of the packaging where it came? How about the height, length, and width?

  • It is 41″ x 19″ x 6″ package with an actual guitar box backed inside. It is a normal-sized guitar with 24 frets and nice, elegant design.
  1. Does this have a standard 1/4″ output jack?

  • It does. The jack is a standard 1/4″ type which should receive a standard guitar cable.
  1. Does it come with an amplifier cord?

  • It doesn’t come with an amp cord, but you can very easily get one for a very affordable price.

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The Dean Vendetta XM is an okay-guitar for starters – one that can always be easily upgraded to suit the growing needs of a levelling-up guitar player. This guitar is quite suitable for smaller guitar enthusiasts who still want a full-sized electronic guitar, or for those that do not like a heavy weight hanging on their guitar strap

The Dean Vendetta XM guitar is a wonder. Some even consider it as one of the best electric guitar. Some people need an inexpensive guitar to get them started to play – not all of us can afford a $2200 Les Paul Standard or $1700 Fender Deluxe Stratocaster.

Low-cost guitars usually tend to fall into one of three categories:

1.) Affordable, and was built to play that way.

2.) Inexpensive, but not a bad hit in any matter.

3.) Inexpensive – but provides more value than the dollars spent.

The Dean Vendetta XM electric guitar falls into the second category. As with all low-end or beginner’s guitars, there are quite obvious places in the Vendetta XM where budget has been saved. Still, the build quality is not that jaw-dropping, but the features are passable and can easily aid beginners, make sure to read customer reviews at amazon.

Review Summary:

The Dean Vendetta XM electric guitar falls into the second category. As with all low-end or beginner’s guitars, there are quite obvious places in the Vendetta XM where budget has been saved. Still, the build quality is not that jaw-dropping, but the features are passable and can easily aid beginners.

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