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Hello and thanks for stopping by our website where you will learn all that you need to know about buying a great acoustic guitar. This website is a free service with the goal of helping you find the acoustic guitar that is right for you at the best price.

The most common question our readers ask is “where can I get a cheap acoustic guitar?” The quality of the craftsmanship and materials significantly impacts the sound of an acoustic guitar. As a musician, you certainly don’t want your sound compromised by a cheap acoustic guitar. We always caution readers to make sure you are getting a good value, not just a cheap acoustic guitar. We will help you identify the features and characteristics that make a good acoustic guitar. We want to help you find the guitar that gives you the most bang for your buck.

Questions you should ask

Every guitar buyer is different and there are some basic questions you should ask yourself before you start looking for your guitar.

  • What is my skill level?

If you are brand-new to the acoustic guitar you may want to start out with an entry to mid-level guitar. You may plan on being a phenomenal guitarist but that doesn’t mean you should spend thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line first guitar. If you are a beginner acoustic guitar player you don’t know what sound you like or which guitar is the most comfortable. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on your first guitar.

Remember that when you are more experienced and have a better feel for the type of guitar you want, you can sell your beginning guitar and invest in a higher quality piece of equipment. If you’ve been playing for a little while, you can invest a little bit more in your guitar.

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  • What type of music am I going to play?

Different acoustic guitars’ sizes, styles, and wood types are best suited to different types of music. This isn’t that important if you are a beginner. More experienced players that play a particular genre of music want to make sure the guitar is suited to their music preference.

  • What is my budget?

If you know what to look for you can get a great bargain on your acoustic guitar, but it will still cost you some money. Make sure you have set a budget for yourself and don’t let someone talk you into a more expensive acoustic guitar than you need.

  • Am I going to buy online or in a store?

You will typically get a better price when buying online although that is not always the case. Once you have identified the brand and model you want check online for price comparison. Remember to factor in the shipping cost, sales tax, and shipping time in making your decision. I will usually pay a little bit more if I can go get my guitar at a store rather than waiting for it to ship.

What to look for when buying a cheap acoustic guitar?

The cheap acoustic guitars can cost less than $100 while a high-end guitar goes for thousands. Understanding why one guitar sells for $100 while another sells for $5000 can be confusing, especially when the guitars appear similar. The information in this article explains the features you should look for to make a good buying decision.

  • Type of wood used in the guitar

The type of wood used to make a guitar significantly impacts both how a guitar sounds and its price. Different types of woods are used in different parts of a guitar to give the instrument its sound. The wood used for the guitar top is the single most important factor in determining the guitar’s tone. Sitka spruce is the most common material for tops. Other woods that may be used are maple, alder, mahogany, Koa, Brazilian Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, red spruce, maple, popular, Basswood, and Ebony.

Rarer wood is more expensive than common wood. A cheap acoustic guitar might use wood composite in the construction of all or parts of the guitar. Cheap or fake wood does not sound good and is not durable. We recommend that a guitar be made of solid wood rather than wood composite. The quality of sound you get from a solid wood construction makes up for the price difference.

  • Quality of Craftsmanship

The time it takes to construct a guitar has a large impact on its price. Handmade guitars are much more expensive than those made in an assembly-line type of production. The effort that goes into the ornamentation or physical appearance of the guitar can significantly impact its price as well.

There is no need to spend the extra money on a handmade guitar, especially if you are a beginner. You should still pay particular attention to the quality of the craftsmanship guitar before buying. A cheap acoustic guitar of poor quality will not sound good and will not last.

  • Size and Shape

Guitar sizes and shapes are separated or grouped into three categories: classic, dreadnought, and jumbo. The size and shape of a guitar impact its sound and its playability. This is one area where buyers must be very careful. A player with a smaller frame might feel more comfortable with the smaller guitar.

However, the buyer must remember that the sound produced by the smaller instrument will be different than the sound produced by a larger instrument.

  • Neck

The size of the neck on an acoustic guitar is usually based on the size of the guitar body and the number of frets (12 frets or 14 frets). You should make sure your hand can fit comfortably around the guitar neck.

  • Electronics

Acoustic guitars may come with preamps or pickups. More complicated systems can have microphones, pickups, equalizers, tuners, etc. The more features a guitar has the more expensive it will be. Consider carefully whether these features are important to you and are worth the extra price.

  • Tuning Mechanism

A guitar’s tuning mechanism or turning machine is what allows you to tune an acoustic guitar. It is important that your guitar has a good quality tuning machine. Tuning machine heads that are enclosed are preferable to open tuning machines as they require less maintenance.

  • Finish

A guitar’s finish is one of the indicators of the quality of craftsmanship. A good finish is important in making sure you have the best quality sound and durability in an acoustic guitar.

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Hopefully, with these information that I wrote above, you’ll know clearly what you need for choosing the best cheap acoustic guitars with quality at the best price.