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If you’re planning to buy a best quality guitar so you can learn how to play it, you’ll be faced with the decision of finding one that’s right for you.

The acoustic guitars are excellent for those who are looking to develop a style within the more classical range of sound. This type of guitar is built to provide acoustical sound waves that give it the classical sound. If this is the style you’re looking to achieve, then the acoustic guitar would be the choice you should make to learn the craft.

The electric guitars are the ones you see rock stars using on stage. These give off an electric sound when plugged into an amplifier. These can be more expensive than the acoustic, but they do tend to be somewhat easier to learn to play on, even though most people start out on acoustic and graduate to electric.

The acoustic guitars themselves are generally more expensive – depending on the particular style you’re looking at. These types of guitars can be played anywhere without having to worry about plugging in an expensive amplifier.

Most guitarists will start learning on the acoustic guitars because they can be easier to handle with the musical scales.

When they become more adept at playing, then they will graduate to an electric guitar to try their hand out at the rock and roll style of playing.

Which one works Best for you: Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars?

Most beginning guitarists face the dilemma of what type of guitar to purchase to learn to play on. The popular choices for beginners are the acoustic and the electric guitars.


How do you choose which one works best for you?

You’ll need to decide where you plan to go with your guitar playing. If you’re serious about learning, which style of music are you looking to play most often? The acoustic guitars are very flexible in the music they can play. It can range from classical to country to some rock and roll songs.

The electric guitars have the “electric” sound to them. They’re mainly used to play rock and roll music. The downside to this is you would more than likely need to purchase an amplifier to go with it in order to play it sufficiently, so the cost will be more than just the acoustic guitar, which doesn’t need one.

Rock and roll songs are played on very few chords, so there would be less to learn if you use an electric guitar. Most professionals, however, learn how to play an acoustic guitar at some point in their road to being a guitarist. The acoustic guitar allows them to develop a freer style in their music that could be used when playing an electric.

Learning to play an acoustic guitar is the best choice when you’re just starting out. It may be a little more difficult, but it allows you to learn more aspects of guitar music than the electric guitars do.

Decide on your style before purchasing it and see where you want to go with your music!

Top 5 Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Whether you decide to learn with an acoustic or an electric guitar, you will then be faced with a myriad of styles to choose from.

Here are the top 5 choices of acoustic and the top 5 electric guitars that are popularly chosen:

The top 5 acoustic guitars are:

These guitars are chosen for their high quality sounds and their exquisite appearances. Find out more reviews for high quality acoustic guitars at here!

These are generally the cheaper styles you’ll find with the acoustic guitars. They’re excellent for the beginners who want to learn the very basics of guitar playing.

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The top 5 electric guitars are:

These electric guitars are chosen for their ease of use and their rock style appearances. Their high gloss finishes makes them even more appealing to the eye.


To decide which one works for you, check out your local music store that carries guitars. See what brands they carry and see if you can try some of them out. Find which one fits your style.

Give them a little test run in the store and see which one you like best, then come home and buy your acoustic or electric guitar online!