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There are a lot of gift suggestions over the internet for the coming Father’s Day. Most will probably feel bombarded with hundreds of options to choose from, but for those who have musical dads, it’s the other way around. Whether your dad is already a pro or just a learning musician, the perfect gift for him is just out there somewhere. Lucky for you, we have listed four ideal gifts for your musical dad this Father’s Day.

Tip No. 1 – Elegant Case

This may cost you a bit of fortune, but it is actually worth it. When you give an elegant case to your dad – and surely he needs one to carry his instrument – he will be able to remember you wherever he goes with his beloved instrument.

These things are not hard to find. You can order them easily online. If you want to make it extra special, you can always buy a regular case to add your own designs, thereby making a personalized guitar case.

Tip No. 2 – Music Book

As your father’s child, you should know what kind of music your dad plays or listens to. If you have a full knowledge about your father’s taste for music, you can buy him a music book. A good book of his favorite band or artist just shows how you appreciate your father’s love for music.

Grab a compilation book of the genre he loves. You can go to various music books at your local music stores near you, or you can check out Amazon or eBay to find other great deals and special offers.

Tip No. 3 – Record Album

Perhaps the most popular gift for music lovers, you can never go wrong with an original CD as a present. Like with the previous suggestion, all you need is to know your father’s favorite song, artist, or band. This gift works better if you’re dad is a collector.

You can give him multiple albums if you have the budget. For tech-savvy yet musical das, you can give a digital gift such as an album on iTunes, while you can try a vinyl or cassette tapes that are now rare to find for dad who loves the classics.

Tip No. 4  – Compose an Original Song

This is the most personalized as far as personalized gifts go. What is more heartfelt, more precious, more valuable to a father than a song made by his own child? This is the perfect gift not only for dads, but for all musical people. If you have the voice, you can write a song with a lot of vocals.

If you’re an instrument player, then you can go all the way with only showcasing your talent. Giving this gift shows that you put time and effort for the Father’s Day. Not only will you impress your loved one, you get to save more money as well.

With the four suggestions above, there’s no reason for you not to give your musical dad a present this Father’s Day. May this simple event give joy both to you and your beloved father.

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